The Mattress Deep-Cleaning Solution

The POTEMA®-Mattress-Cleaning-Machine produces high-frequency vibrations. This dissolves the dirt particles inside the mattress, then pulverized and removed with a vacuum that is tailored exactly to the mattresses.

 At the same time, an intense UVC radiation causes a widespread killing of bacteria, viruses and spores.

After cleaning the mattress, the surface is then treated with POTEMA®-Clean-Spray, which prevents mites´ reproduction thanks to natural essential oils.

The most effective, professional, chemical-free, mattress-deep- cleaning of modern times, with seal of approval!

Suited for private Homes, Hotels, B&B, Holiday Homes, Hospitals, Residential Homes etc.

Practically all surfaces and fabrics in the Household can be cleaned and washed regularly with common cleaning equipment; except  MATTRESSES and UPHOLSTERY!

No dust or noise, no damage to materials or mattresses, harmless for people and the environment.