Our Motto: A Clean Solution


Family, guests and customers deserve a hygienically sound sleep, free from invisible and harmful microbes.




 We, at Pro ACS are certified POTEMA®- specialists.


-         We work with the Potema cleaning machines (made in Germany), internationally known for many years.


-         Mattresses are deep cleaned using a dry suction, pulverising process with simultaneous UVC ray treatment. They can be used again immediately


-         Upholstery is also hygienically cleaned using a semi-dry system and can be used again after a short time.


Prominent hotels, such as the Burj-al-Arab in Dubai, is one example of prestigious clients, who trust in the competence of the POTEMA®-cleaning-system.

For more info and references, please visit www.potema.de 


Our main operations are based in West Switzerland and Southern Spain with intention to expand into other selected regions, national and international.  



Price quotations on request, are based on

Quantity and Distance


¨It is amazing to see what is living inside your mattress or couch.¨