In the old days the mattresses were regularly tapped thoroughly in the open air and sun in spring and autumn, which in most cases is no longer possible. Since they are not washable, the dust mites and germs of today can reproduce in our mattresses happily and without disturbance.   

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Quality Seal

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Dust mites are present in almost every mattress. This is not a sign of lack of hygiene.

Dust mites and microbes find ideal living and reproduction conditions in mattresses.

Dander, dust, sweat etc. provide nutrients for Mites. Also the thickest sheet cannot protect from these particles. 

Up to 2 million dust mites can be found in a mattress!

The mites produce faeces, bacteria and mould spores which can trigger allergies. With the movements while sleeping these come through the sheets to the mattress surface, then on to  the skin, respiratory tract and mucous membranes and can cause Itching, Mucosal Inflammation, Bronchitis, Asthma, etc.


Dust mites - The invisible enemy in Mattress and Upholstery


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Dust mites and microbes find ideal living and reproduction conditions in mattresses.

Mites excrete almost twice their body weight a day. Their microscopic droppings contain Guanine which is highly allergic for many people.

E.g. Asthma is increasing at an alarming rate especially amongst children. In fact 80% of asthmatics react to the dust mite.


Each mite has a lifespan of 60 – 150 days, during which time the female lays 300 eggs.

The dust mite population is generally high around hot coastal areas, damp and central heated rooms.

90% of dust mites are located in the mattresses as this is their main food source.

Dust mites are microscopic, 300 will fit on a match head.


For a healthy and hygienic sleep we recommend a repetition every 6 – 12 months


The mattress is sanitized whilst it remains in its normal position and the bed can be made within minutes after the cleaning process.

Duration approx. 20 min. for a mattress of 100 x 200 cm

100% Dry-Treatment


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