Semi-Dry upholstery cleaning


Flexible - thoroughly - fast

Unique cleaning without wetting, revives the colours and no need to move the furniture.

Ideal for Hotels, Public Buildings and Private Homes.


Dirty upholstery contains bacteria, mildew, dust mites and it smells unpleasant.


The solution

With the unique semi-dry system from POTEMA, cushions, car seats and fixed, built-in materials can be easily cleaned and they are ready to use again quickly.

It maintains the colours without any damage from moisture.


This is how the upholstery cleaning works.

Stains are treated beforehand and then the special dry foam is applied.

The machine integrates the foam into the upholstery and this process absorbs the dirt.

The dirt particles are encapsulated in microscopic crystals and after drying the crystallized components can be easily extracted with a vacuum cleaner.